Stephen Joseph: Other Books

This page contains details of books which contains material about Stephen Joseph or pertaining to the period he was working in British theatre, although this material is often not extensive.

Works by the authors of this website

Stephen Joseph: Theatre Pioneer and Provocateur (soft-back edition - to be published 25 September 2014)
(Paul Elsam, Bloomsbury, 2014)

Stephen Joseph: Theatre Pioneer and Provocateur (Kindle edition)
(Paul Elsam, Bloomsbury, 2013)

Stephen Joseph: Theatre Pioneer and Provocateur (Hardback edition)
(Paul Elsam, Bloomsbury, 2013)

Other Publications

Alan Ayckbourn: Grinning at the Edge
(Paul Allen, Methuen, 2002)

The Crafty Art of Playmaking
(Alan Ayckbourn, Faber, 2002)

Alan Ayckbourn - second edition
(Michael Billington, Macmillan, 1990)

State of the Nation: British Theatre Since 1945
(Michael Billington, Faber, 2007)

Harold Pinter
(Michael Billington, Faber, 2007)

Continuum Companion to Twentieth Century Theatre
(Colin Chambers (ed.), Continuum, 2002)

Stephen Joseph: Theatre Pioneer and Provocateur
(Paul Elsam, Bloomsbury, 2013)

How To Grow Old Disgracefully
(Hermione Gingold, Victor Gollancz, 1988)

The Repertory Movement: A History of Regional Theatre in Britain
(Anthony Jackson and George Rowell, Cambridge University Press, 1984)

Michael Joseph: Master Of Words
(Richard Joseph, Ashford Press Publishing, 1986)

British Realist Theatre: The New Wave in Its Context 1956-1965
(Stephen Lacey, Routledge, 1955)

The Full Round: The Several Lives and Theatrical Legacy of Stephen Joseph
(Terry Lane, Duca della Corgna, 2006)

New Penguin Dictionary of the Theatre
(Jonathan Law & Richard Helfer (ed.), Penguin, 2001)

A Round 50
(Simon Murgatroyd, John Good, 2005)

Anger and After
(John Russell Taylor, Methuen, 1962)

Anger and After - second edition
(John Russell Taylor, Methuen, 1969)

The Penguin Dictionary of the Theatre, 3rd ed.
(John Russell Taylor, Penguin, 1993)

British Theatre Since The War
(Dominic Shellard, Yale University Press, 1999)

The Cambridge Introduction to Modern British Theatre
(Simon Shepherd, Cambridge University Press, 2009)

Conversations With Ayckbourn
(Ian Watson, Macdonald, 1981)

Conversations With Ayckbourn - second edition
(Ian Watson, Faber, 1988)

A Profile of Stephen Joseph 1921-1967
(Ren Yaldren, Scarborough, Farthings Design, 2005)